Miche Pouliot – Angel With A Lariat ( drums )


  Miche Pouliot was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Toronto’s Western Hospital on February 21st, 1958 at 6:43 p.m. Things have never been the same. He arrived on the same day as his sister’s third birthday party, rudely interrupting the event, and setting the family dynamic for years to come. “I believe we have MOSTLY settled that issue” says Mr. Pouliot. In any case, there is a double celebration each year, on February 21st.
His musical training consisted of recorder, clarinet, french horn and percussion through grade school, but it was guitar that captured his imagination. Studies in classical and folk styles with the renowned Margaret Huggett were definitely a highlight of the grade school years. High school was a different story. French horn and percussion held minor interest, however the drumset held most of Miche’s attention.
Alas, there were other, more competent players than he, and Stan Clarke, Miche’s music teacher actually recommended Miche give up music and take up tennis. To that, Miche replies, “Stan, you are welcome to visit my home anytime and view my 10 platinum and gold albums from projects I’ve been involved in.” They amount to well over 2 million units sold worldwide. Drumset studies with jazzmaster Peter Magadini rounded out his formal musical education.


Miche alternated between guitar and drumset, enjoying the versatility of dual instrumentation and the opportunity to be involved in many a jam session. “Sure, it was cool because when they got tired of my teen-age guitar antics, I could switch to drums and have another few minutes of music before they threw me out” opines Pouliot. Golden memories. After high school, Miche buckled down to making a career of music, starting with Ottawa’s free-wheelin’ reggae-blues outfit, HEAVENS RADIO. After that it was THE SILVER DARTS, and then onto BRUCE COCKBURN, KD LANG, JANN ARDEN, TOMMY HUNTER and currently NATALIE MACMASTER as well as all the other fine musicians he has been blessed to have the good fortune to work with. “I’ve been TOTALLY lucky” he states. “But I would say the most important piece of the puzzle was to play my best ALL the time, because you never know who is watching and listening out there”.

These days Miche spends most of his time playing his drumset on the road with Natalie MacMaster, working on various live and recorded projects, working on his Volvo 760 Turbo Wagon…

Link to his musical credits

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